Proctoring of Examinations Policy

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Policy Title: Proctoring of Examinations
Policy Category: Administration
Effective date: March 26, 2014


The library may be used for writing examinations at no charge provided the conditions set by the examining institution can be met without disruption to the library's normal functions. The library will not accept any out-of-pocket costs related to outside examinations.

If the examining institution requires proctoring services, the library will administer the exam as a room rental and will charge a fee. The library reserves the right to schedule the examination time according to availability.


If a proctor is required by the examining institution, it shall be the responsibility of the exam writer to book the library’s proctoring service by calling the Administration department. Exams will be scheduled during the Administration department’s hours of operation. If proctoring is required during evenings or on weekends, the library will endeavor to provide outside proctors according to availability.


Includes room rental, computer (if required) and proctor.

Monday to Friday during administrative hours $50.00 per exam

Evening and weekends $60.00 per exam

The above rates apply to a maximum of three hours. Each additional hour will be charged at a rate of $10 per hour.

Approved by the Cornwall Public Library Board
Date: March 25, 2014
(Replaces Invigilation of Examinations Policy April 28, 2004)

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