How to use the New NovelBranch

How to use the NovelBranch En





Cornwall Public Library is proud to add another exciting service for the community. NovelBranch – a mini-library customers can access with ease.

Conveniently located at the Benson Centre in the city’s west end, the NovelBranch offers residents another library service point within our community.  Users can browse, check-out and return books, all at one convenient location. NovelBranch is available to anyone with an active Cornwall Public Library card, during the Centre’s opening hours.

The NovelBranch features a collection of approximately 150 circulating items. A sturdy transparent door allows customers to easily view the collection. To open the NovelBranch door, scan your library card and enter your PIN. That’s all it takes. Peruse the shelves as if they were in the library, make your selections, and simply close the door. There are five shelves of material to choose from.

The NovelBranch uses RFID technology to know which books have been removed and will automatically check them out on your account.  You can also return library items in the NovelBranch or at the main library downtown branch.

How to use the NovelBranch.

  • Browse with your eyes and select a book. 
  • Scan your library card or your barcode on the library’s app.
  • Open the NovelBranch door and select your book of choice. You can also return books!
  • Close the door and confirm with the L.E.D. screen that the correct book has been borrowed.
  • Print or email your receipt and enjoy your book.

You have suggestion?

If you have suggestions for the types of material you would to be available at Novelbranch please email us at 

The Benson Centre is located at 800 Seventh St W, Cornwall, ON