Music Editing & 3D printing Stations

Music editing station

Music editing station

We’ve just added a new music editing station in our Library and it has the software you need to produce, record, and edit audio files. The station is equipped with a music keyboard, headphones, and Mac Pro editing software: Logic Pro and Garage Band.

Interested in finding out more? Inquiries can be made at the Circulation Desk.

3D Printer

3D Printing

Please complete and submit the online print job request form. All files must be in .STL format. Staff will review the details of the job and provide you with an estimate. Once you have accepted the estimated cost, we will print the object. Please note that there may be some additional information required and we may not be able to print as specified, but staff will contact you if the need arises. We will contact you when the job is ready to be picked up. Wait times may vary. You will be required to pay for the object when you collect it.

Click here for more information on 3D Printing.