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Enhance your innate gift of intuition.  Rosalind F. provides compelling evidence that intuition is used in the everyday world of business, policing, sports, chess, armed forces, counselling, to name a few.  She provided a variety of thought provoking material, some based on her own experience, that facilitated participants to tap into the wisdom of their own intuition.

Many of us have experienced unusual (weird and wonderful) events and/or strange co-incidences that have moved our lives in a different direction or brought clarity to their life in some way.  Even if it just brought confusion, a good story is worth repeating. 

Do you believe that a thing, something solid, can also be an invisible wave? Would a thing being in two places at the same time be a miracle? David Rawnsley, Quantum Messenger, discusses how this science delivers.

Alan Mills tells us about the Toastmasters' history, how it has changed in recent years, what a typical meeting is like, the different levels of the club, and the contests, and more.  

Can we affect the new world by our thoughts and intentions? Human evolution is at a critical juncture: will we create a self-sustaining global family, or will be plunge into another great extinction, one that includes us humans? David Rawnsley, the Quantum Messenger, looks to our deep past to predict where human development is headed.

Are you seeking truth and enlightenment? Are you looking for a group where you can talk about odd topics without judgement? Join the Forum! The FORUM is an evolving community. It shares ideas, emotions and truths, it seeks awareness and enlightenment, and it finds ways to apply new insights.

Cornwall Public Library has teamed up with Marlin Orchards to present gardening tips that you can use today in your own garden. In this segment, Diane Lunan tells us about container gardening.

Prepare to write your will. Presented by Michelle Allinotte of Journey Law, in partnership with Cornwall Public Library. You will learn what preparations are needed to get the most out of your will.