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Heather Lindquist trained with a master shaman for several years and received a health certification in Neuro-Linguistics. She has taught self-healing for 25 years.  Self-healing is balancing the mind, body, and spirit to enhance and strengthen the inner voice and intuition to be it's optimum. Heather says that the techniques that she practices have helped her to regain health several times and they can do the same for you.  Do come and join Heather on October 6 for this very intriguing presentation.


Time – Is Our Perception of History Correct?  by Janice Pollard

Due to new archeological discoveries, the timeline of when civilization began is under fierce debate.  With this extension of time ideas such as Atlantis, Lemuria, and the planet Nibiru is less imaginary and more concrete.  Janice will attempt to explain these new discoveries and how these discoveries are changing our perception of what is a myth and what is reality.

After teaching several years in Africa, Germany, and Switzerland, and travelling extensively in Africa and Europe, we settled back in Canada. Our love of traveling was still very present but we wanted to explore the world differently. Volunteer work came as an answer to our quest.

Secrets of people who live a long, healthy life.

During Covid we have felt a little hopeless about looking after ourselves—how can we avoid getting disease?  But if you follow most of these “secrets” presented by Sandra Bowness you will live the best life you can possibly live.