Virtual Family Feud

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It's time for the Family Feud this Family Day!

Combine forces with your siblings, parents, and children on Family Day and take on others to guess the most popular answers to survey questions! 

How it Works

Teams will have between 3 and 5 members. Teams can be made up of people connected by blood, marriage, adoption, or friendship. Teams only need to register ONE person for the event.

How to Play
The game starts off with one family member from each team facing off on the first question. The contestant who raises their hand first gets to provide the first answer. If that answer is the No. 1 survey response, his or her family gets control of the question. If not, the opposing contestant gets to try and provide a higher-ranking response to earn control for his or her family.

The team that wins control of the question then provides more responses, one at a time. They are not permitted to consult with one another during this part of the game. If a given answer is not one of the most popular, the family gets a strike. If the team can guess all of the most popular answers on the board before getting three strikes, they win the round.

If a team ends up with three strikes, control of the round goes to the opposing family. That team then has one chance to come up with one of the remaining responses on the board to win the round — if they fail, the other team gets the points.

The point values assigned to each answer come from the number of people who responded with that answer in the survey. Rounds 1, 2, 3, and 4 are single-points. Round 5 is double points. Rounds 6 is triple points. This means in Round 1, an answer that had was given by 16 people is worth 16 points but in Round 5, an answer given by 16 people is worth 32 points.

How to Win
The team with the most points after all 6 rounds wins!