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Seekers of awareness and enlightenment are welcome to join! Every Wednesday at 10:00 am

 The Science of Miracles with David Rawnsley

Do you believe that a thing, something solid, can also be an invisible wave? If it could, would that be a miracle? Would a thing being in two places at the same time be a miracle? How about submicroscopic particles communicating instantly across the universe, might that not qualify as a miracle?

All of the above miracles are to be found, not in any bible or religious work, but in today’s science. The science that has underpinned physics for most of the last century; the science that has sent us to the moon and stars; the science that has enabled our communications industry; the science that categorically states that we are an essential entity, and it is our mind that drives our brain and not vice-versa. Join David Rawnsley, Quantum Messenger, to learn how this science delivers.