Puppet Camp!

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Program Description


Puppet Camp!

Puppetry is for everyone! Making a puppet show does not have to be complicated or expensive. Using materials from around the house and/or the dollar store we will learn to make a puppet show! We will make puppets, a puppet stage, and a story!

Students will work alongside professional puppeteer Mike Harding of Applefun Puppetry. Don't worry if your show isn't perfect; we are here to have fun and make wonderful mistakes! Prior experience is not required.

Join us for all of the sessions or pick-and-choose. Each day we will begin with a live puppet show demonstration from Mike!

Each session will include a 30 minute show, a 10 minute 'meet the puppets', a 10 minute break, and a 40 minute puppet workshop. You can come to just the show, or just the workshop, or both!

This program will be held on Zoom, which you can download for free here. Zoom is a virtual platform that allows groups of people to meet online. It can be used on any device. Register below to receive the Zoom link. 

Session 2 - Make a Puppet Stage!

Use a box to make a stage for your puppets to perform in.


Small or medium-sized cardboard box

Construction paper

Safety scissors (Parental guidance is required)

Glue stick


Any other craft supplies

Optional: scraps of fabric